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London Android Conference is Go!

Attention developers- Time to pack your bags and head over to London for the Android party of the year. After a great droid conference  in Berlin, it looks like we are going to finish of the year with one in swinging London. ...

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Android Eclair gets served! G1 might miss out the feast.

Just as we were getting indigestion from our fresh serving of Android Donut, Google goes and throws a curve ball in the shape of a fresh new release of Android 2.0 (aka Eclair!) They have released a fresh new movie and some highlights including: Centralised contacts- Have...

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App Showcase: Sprite Backup

There are few developers that are able to boast the pedigree of Sprite Software, who have been developing mobile backup applications for the past 6 years.   Having used the software for many years on windows mobile devices, I was particularly excited to get my hands...

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Donut set to hit UK shores this week

( Edit: 15/10/09- looks like we have been stood up for our date with Donut.  I had two independent confirmations that it was going through, so I will investigate more and come back to you! Sorry about the boo- boo!) UK Android owners have been jealously...

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