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Android device market share still split in hung parliament

The android developer team released its latest breakdown of the android ecosystem yesterday. Despite Android being one operating system, there are currently several versions in the market based on what manufacturers choose to install on their handsets. Microsoft follows the same model with at any...

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UK networks push Android and go App-crazy

After the massive success of the launch of the new HTC Desire and Google Nexus one, the networks seem to have caught smartphone fever.  With a large proportion of the sales growth coming from smartphones- it seems that the networks are trying out a variety...

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Mobile phones killing Tom Tom GPS Satnavs

The full impact of Android’s penetration into the market has begun to create reverberations around the industry. Comscore announced that 21 million Europeans have looked up directions on their satnav last year. 2/3 of these used it in a moving vehicle. Since Google announced that they...

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