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Get your Swype tomorrow while you can

For those of you who weren't lucky enough to try out Swype when it was available under beta a few months ago- you are in luck.  From tomorrow morning(16.6.2010 USA time) you will be able to download the revolutionary keyboard for Android for FREE!...

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Game Review: Air Control

air control

Air Control is very similar to Firemint’s “Flight Control” for the iPhone where you have to land planes on different runways without letting them crash.

They are both very similar apps and I can tell you as frequent player of the iPhone app, that I was overcome with joy when I saw that it was out for my “deprived of games” Android phone.


There are two types of play; Mismatch mode whereby you just have land the planes and Cargo where you have to land the planes in a certain order based on type or colour.

Don’t let the simplicity of the game fool you- it gets more challenging as time goes on- which gives rise to its addictive nature.

Mini Androids released into the wild

Htc Wildfire Now that Android has scored winning goals with the release of the HTC Desire and Google Nexus One- it seems manufacturers have set themselves the task of packing the power into even tinier form factors.( Kind of like Ronaldo- he’s tiny)

Expansys have issued a press release announcing that they are going to be stocking the forthcoming Htc Wildfire ( The “mini me” HTC Desire) as well as the Sony X10 Mini ( the “mini me” Sony x10 funnily enough) Both Handsets fall into the pocket friendly category sporting mini QVGA capacitive screens. 

The only drawback when it comes to QVGA screens, is that currently App developers need to set up their app to support the screen size.  Hopefully with the looming increase in handsets of this size, the number of apps should also swell to support it. (Developers get coding now!)

For more information on the HTC Wildfire- feel free to check out our HTC Wildfire preview here

Motorola to Debut Motoblur 1.5 with Motorola Flipout

Motorola looks set to bring Motoblur to the latest generation of devices starting with the all new Motorola Flipout.  The Flipout looks like a modern imagesmartphone take on the Motorola v70  ( Twist), bundling a 5 Row qwerty keyboard and full twisting, rotational interface.  The phone’s key feature is its compact size and very cool rotatable keyboard, which makes it both pocket and handbag friendly.

It comes with all the standard features we have come to know and love in android phones, such as gps, gravity sensor and compass .  In addition, it also comes with a built in FM Radio receiver and a second noise cancelling microphone for improved call clarity ( Just like the Nexus One).  Reading through the techlist, it also indicates that it will be “music enabled” which could indicate that Moto is bundling an own branded spotify or Thumbplay service which is handy that it is rocking a standard headphone socket.

Npower gets smart with android phones

NPOWER has become the first UK utility company to embrace android with the launch of its smart meter mobile application for Android. Their app allows customers to enter their electric meter readings via their smartphones as well as enhances the N-power brand amongst its customers. What...

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