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Official Android comes to large Huawei Android Tablet

I am very b199911 excited to see that the Android team at Huawei towers have been busy getting ready to ship the first official Android 7inch Tablet. Official is good, because it means that in addition to its Android 2.1 OS, it will be rocking the official Android market and officially licensed google apps. This is the first android device to market that sports a near Ipad size 7inch screen and brings the Android OS to its largest screen to date. With a default resolution of 800 × 480 pixels there is lots more room to run your favourite Android Apps, in their full high res glory.

Online Store Expansys have been selected to be the official exclusive UK launch partner for the device when it launches towards the end of the month. 

OpenFeint coming to Android, taking games to a whole new level

One if the one of the major  criticisms of Android is the comparably smaller choice of games when compared to the iPhone.  This looks set to change as Openfeint, who have nearly 10,000 developers with several thousand iOS games such as Fruit Ninja, Ninja Chicken and iCopter are planning to bring their games to Android by the end of the summer.  They look set to provide an Android SDK( software development kit) which will allow developers to rollout apps to both platforms very quickly.

Android smartphones get smarter with Phoneweaver

Phoneweaver Review/ App Showcase

I have been waiting ages for the awesome Windows Mobile  app, Phoneweaver to finally make its way onto the android and yesterday was the day it finally hit. SBSH_PhoneWeaver_logo 

The one major downfall of the Android platform is that it could do more to be more aware of the phones state to streamline the user experience.  Such as if the battery is low, it should switch off the power hungry processes. If the phone knows I am in a meeting, then it should give me the option to mute my ringtone automatically.

Well all the above and much more is exactly what Phoneweaver did well on Windows mobile and am delighted to say does great on Android too.

Yahoo readies its App armada to take the Android platform

Looks like Yahoo is finally joining the android party and creating apps for Android users.  Just like London buses, when you wait long enough for one, three turn up at the same time!  Yahoo has chosen today to unleash 3 android apps at the same time.  This trifecta  is made up of the Yahoo Search, Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger app.

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