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Mobilize your work computer from anywhere with logmein

Logmein Ignition for Android Review


As part of our “Android goes to work” series, we have been focusing on how professionals use their Android phones to boost their productivity in the workplace.  The problem is that most of us (at least in London) spend a lot of time outside the office working, whether at client meetings or even working from home to get an extra couple of hours catchup.

Mobile fun ends free iPhone 4 Case for Death Grip Sufferers

Free iphone 4 case

Apple has come forward in their press conference yesterday (16.7.2010) and said with a jedi mindtrick-esque tone that “there is no problems with the antennas”  but has strangely subsequently promised free cases to all Iphone 4 users. This new strategy seems to follow what many retailers, including our friends at mobilefun have been doing for the past few weeks to alleviate the signal issues on the Iphone 4.

SwiftKey Beta enters the keyboard market

If you have been looking for an enhanced replacement keyboard and Swype is not for you,  then Swiftkey Beta has just been publicly released in the Android Market. Swiftkey works in a similar fashion to the normal Android Keyboard by predicting the rest of your word when you start typing. Where it really shines is how it uses TouchType’s Fluency™ technology to predict the next word you want to type, before you even press a key.

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