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HTC Sense android 2.2 leaked and fully functional!

Htc has been stating that they will be introducing their  HTC Sensed-up version of Android 2.2 ever since it was revealed at the Google IO back in May.  HTC Sense is the custom layer that they add to their Android phones, which improves on the already existing features of Android.

Htc Desire owners have been eagerly awaiting the new update with its delicious new performance boost through the Just-in-Time (JIT) compiler and the awesome Mobile Hotspot features.

A leaked Froyo Sense build for the Htc Droid Incredible has been discovered and been made available to the public thanks to the wonderful guys at XDA . Unlike many previous leaked ROMS this Froyo build is  fully functional with all the new HTC additions such as HTC Flashlight, Radio widget, 3G mobile hotspot widget and much more, check it all out here.

Mobile Roadie brings simple DIY to app making

If you have wished to find a really simple way to make your own apps?  Hold off those Java courses, because Mobile CropperCapture[8] Roadie has stepped in like a proverbial genie to grant your wish.  Its available right now, and its really easy to make your own apps that will work on the Iphone and very excitingly work on Android too!

UK goes Android crazy- Sales up by 350%

android growth

Wow- what a difference a year makes! – GFK is reporting that Android’s share of the UK market has increased from 3% in Q1 2010, to 13.2% in Q2 2010. That’s 350% in half a year and that is outstanding performance, even for a OS that we already knew was rapidly growing.

Globally we have seen Android increasing from 60,000 activations a day in January to 160,000 in June, and the Market up from 20,000 apps to 70,000 in a similar time-frame, which is concrete proof that android is working!

Best Android apps: Dropbox

Dropbox is a one of my favourite apps on Android.  It allows you to simply drag and drop files into a folder on your computer and have them sync straight to your phone. This makes transferring new pictures or documents to your phone  a lot easier, no more emailing it to yourself or having to put in on the SD card.

Big News: We have a Forum and Device list!

Anyone who has a sharp eye for detail will have noticed that over the past week or so two new items have been added to AndroidBloke along the top row of pages. Both of these items required a great deal of work and we are now proud to present to you our very own UK Android Forum and our Android Device List.

The Device List

device listThis is a list of nearly all of the Android Phones that you can buy in the UK.

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