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Sony Ericsson LiveView for Cycle Hire Widget by Little Fluffy Toys Ltd

With the price of fuel on the up and everything else going skywards more and more people are taking to the streets, not as students complaining that they have to pay for something but as Eco friendly London folk.

A scheme by Barclays goes live today which gives everyone access to Boris’s cycle bikes to get around the best  city in the World and  your Android device can make getting on your bike, super simple to do.

‘The Impossible Game’ for Android

There aren’t many games i have on my phone that i can come back to and play on a regular basis and if i do it needs to be addictive, easy to use and fun.

My latest trials are with ‘The Impossible Game’ a game that has been ported from the iOS platform and is also available on XBOX Live where it started it’s days thanks to the creation of British indie game developer FlukeDuke

ECB Cricket app for Android.

With the Ashes well under way we need to find ways of keeping up to date with what’s  going on so we need an app that can give us runs, wickets and stats for each innings. There are a few Ashes apps in the market but none quite as good as the  ECB Android app.

Launch48 Mobile Startup School What is your MVP?

Have a cool mobile idea? Answer me this question?  What is  your  MVP?  I am not talking about “most valuable player” but minimum viable product.   At the moment the cost of developing a mobile app can be quite prohibitive, especially for a small startup.  Through the blog, I am often inundated by people who are looking to have their apps developed, but don’t quite understand the power of MVP.

Launch 48: The Board Meeting

Probably the two most crucial things that any startup needs is focus and direction.  This is why regular board meetings are important to keep track of where the project is at, and most importantly provide some guidance as to the next stage in the companies growth.

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