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Android BBCi Player app?

The BBC have announced via their blog that both Android and the iPad will be getting the app by the end of the week. A while ago we told you that the myPlayer app got an update which removed the ability to use it as an...

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Thomson Local Android – looks pretty but shame about the data

We all know who Thompson Local are. They help us find things, prop things up and keep doors closed.

Now though they have released their vast amounts of information in the way of an Android app which you can get from the Android Market web site now free of charge.

It comes in at 2.2MB and will run on Android versions 1.5 and upwards.( great to see an app that covers all the Android handsets, still being released)

NASA release their Android App, NASA 360

This is a great app giving you the NASA 360  TV stream along with episode transcripts and also a quiz to test you NASA and Space knowledge. If you look here you will actually find some very interesting stuff on what they do, tests and general...

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Facebook update brings ‘deals’

Head to your Market and update you Facebook app which will now let you seek out deals for the chosen place that you ‘check in’ It is up to the local business to offer the deals so it may take sometime for them to get on...

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