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Xperia family getting bigger and smaller

Sony is without doubt pushing ahead of the pack with the great line up of handsets.  The Sony Pro is for business, the Sony Play is for gamings and the Arc is the flaship for Premier market. The only thing that has be left behind is the popular X10 mini line- good news is that this soon to change.

An IPad review by an Android blogger

flipboardThe iPad was 1 year old this month and since it’s launch on 3 April 2010 has managed to garner a lot of support and fans( or should I call them addicts?) At a recent Android event, I was quite bemused to see a lot of android developers sporting ipads as their weapon of choice so I thought I would pick up one for a week and understand what makes the device so intriguing to so many.

Would I still continue to use it? Find out below!

Tablets and Metadata- Where is it going?

Data is changing.  A process started originally by writing, and then printing, is now about to go through an even bigger revolution that of digitisation.  Now that we are getting all these great ways to consume data, how are the publishers responding?  Thanks to Pearson and Techhub, for putting on a series of talks,  we have a good idea where they think the market is going.

I had a mobile app moment- have you?

Something really wonderful happened last week- I finally got it.  I experienced my first ever “mobile app moment”. What is it you ask? Well its that feeling you get after you have a dream of flying, that moment you realize things have fallen into place and it all makes sense, the  moment you realise an app has done something to make your life better, cooler or just that much more sparky.

It was awesome! What happened?  Find out after the jump

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