LG Home Chat

Making my Kitchen smart with Android and LG Home Chat

I have been redoing my kitchen over the last month, and as we are nearly finished,  I thought I would consider giving the kitchen technology a bit of an overhaul at the same time. Enter Smart Home Technologies!

I have spent the last few weeks living in a virtual building site. Without an oven, living on microwave meals and takeaway have left me practically dreaming for a home cooked meal.  If you have ever had your kitchen redone, you know what I am going through.   Weeks feel like months…and stress becomes a normal thing but at least we are nearly at the end.

Smartening up the Kitchen

Now that the cupboards are in, I am finally ready to start looking at what tech I can outfit into making my kitchen into my ultimate Geek utopia. My source of inspiration, actually came from a somewhat unusual source- my home insurance company.  LV= have put together a lovely summary of their recommended home gadgets for this year. I only got as far as number 4 – when I saw LG’s Home chat system which made me swoon.  The perfect accessory for my new kitchen.

LG Home Chat

LG Home Chat

Chatting with my gadgets at home

LG is taking the whole internet of things and smart appliances trend really seriously. Since mobiles are becoming the focus of the household innovation front, it looks like LG are on to a winner.   They have created a system that will let you chat to your smart devices and let them better serve you better.

In the next few years, your home gadgets are going to be getting a whole lot smarter.  The question is going to be how do you control them? The solution according to LG is to talk to them which I totally agree with.  Using LG’s Homechat service, you will be able to tell your vacuum cleaner to clean your room, ask your coffee machine to brew you a coffee, or even ask your fridge to send you a picture of what is inside all while you are out shopping.

Why would I want to talk to my smart appliances? Every science fiction movie has promised me that I would be able to use my voice to make my home tech bow to my will.

Check out this movie clip from back to the future below.


My question is why would you not want to talk to your appliances?  Tell your oven to cook your a meal, or tell your mp3 player to play your best tunes when you are relaxing at home, is the stuff of dreams of every tech geek (and non tech geek) I know.   By breaking down barriers with technology and making the tech we use every day virtually invisible it becomeshomechat natural, it becomes easy and most of all it becomes accessible to all.

LG have also announced that it will be working to integrate the oneM2M standard which means that us developers will be able to also build apps for watches and other devices that will also work seamlessly with these devices.

HomeChat not ready to come home just yet

Sadly I was to be let down.  A  google search reveals that Homechat is only available for the moment in South Korea but is coming to the USA fairly soon.  No news about the UK as yet.  When it does come along, I will be looking very heavily at maybe doing Kitchen phase 2.

In the mean time I have managed to get a bit of smarts into my kitchen, in the form of my USB plug sockets, which will make sure that when I am ready to chat to my home gadgets at least my phone or tablet will have lots of battery charge to do it. Usb Charging plate

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