How essential gaming skills are being used in real life

As the technological world advances all the time, we are seeing huge changes to the way we play and communicate. Smartphones, tablets and wireless internet technology are all helping us to do more while we’re on the go, and this has had a huge effect on the gaming industry.

call of duty

Interestingly, however, new found advances in gaming technology are also making their way into how we run our everyday lives – from military training to improved cognitive skills, today’s gaming has a role to play in everything we do.

Gambling systems

Online gambling tech has seen a massive increase  in recent years – in fact, at the turn of 2013, it was reported that the industry makes £2 billion per year. Understandably, then, this form of gaming has had an effect on our everyday lives, from increased advertising to believe it or not – scientific experiments!

Recently, scientists were so fascinated as to the sources of this increased interest in gambling that they decided to investigate  if there was a scientific basis to  tried and tested gambling ‘strategies.’ that seasoned gamblers used almost instinctively.   They asked for volunteers and looked into some of the oldest and best known tricks – some of them were even tested  and shared their results.  For those of you who swear by – the “super Martingale” system… its a high risk strategy!

Clearly, if these gambling systems are worthy of scientific testing, then today’s gaming must be having an effect on our lives, and it can be a very positive one.(at least if you are interested in Maths)

Improved cognitive skills

Despite getting negative press for decades, new studies have now shown that playing video games can in fact improve  development.

Gaming is a great way to learn- scientist approved!

Gaming is a great way to learn- scientist approved!

Shooting games, it was revealed, can help the gamer to improve his or her capacity to think about objects in three dimensions just as well as academic training. This was, controversially, well documented within children. ( Kid’s go play your video games…its good for you!)

Meanwhile, teenagers who played strategic and role playing games were said to have shown an improvement in problem-solving, which subsequently had positive effects on their marks at school. While the subject matter of these games may raise a few eyebrows, the effect on our mental capacity cannot be ignored.

Military training

With this in mind, the US military has even gone as far as to implement shooting games to discover the next generation of soldiers. Games which use a ‘damage per second’ rate using handheld technology were shown to be an effective measure of how well a potential soldier could do in real life combat.

Evidently, advances in technology are having an overwhelming effect on our everyday lives, and it’s perhaps time that people started changing their attitudes and embraced the positive changes that can come from today’s gaming.


Image Credit:  Thanks to Firefish45

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