How to get your app discovered on Google Play

As someone who has done a multitude of apps for both Android and Iphone, I know that the biggest challenge of the app game actually starts once I have pressed publish on the google play account and gone live.  For many people getting discovered on Google play is the make or break point between having an award winning app, and an app that very few people will get to enjoy.

Beginners App School : Easily build Your own app for Android/ IOS using XDK

HTML5ToolsLearning to make apps for mobile devices previously has been quite an uphill struggle.  Thanks in part to the rapid development of  mobile tools and faster handsets, there are now some really great ways to make really powerful and creative apps using just web languages like HTML, CSS and Javascript.  Intel is one of the companies looking to make mobile app development accessible to more people so is investing in creating tools for everyone to use.

One of the tools they have developed is the XDK  ( or Cross-browser Development Kit) which lets you easily build apps for

  • Android
  • Iphone
  • Windows Devices
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