Android Great Developer Survey- Win Free Training and other prizes!

sm-new-EPS-logoNow that Android has been out for nearly a year and it has reached the stage where we should be looking at what has been achieved over the last year.  My particular goal is to determine the state of the developer ecosystem as it is now.    When I meet developers and googlers (usually at one of the London Meetups)  I always like  to ask questions about who is developing for Android and what is being  developed and no one is able to give me a comprehensive answer.

Now that we are approaching the release of Donut, I felt that it was time to take this discussion to the next level and roll it out as a full blown survey to try get a clearer picture. ( I still want to hear from individual developers- so if you have something to say or share, please feel free to email me via the contact form above)

To this end I have  joined up with Skillsmatter ( The UK Training House) and Android Developer Directory (  a new listing service by launching in October)  to put together a short survey that should take you no longer than 5 minutes to do.  I personally hate spam and I will keep all your data strictly confidential and will not sell it or give it to 3rd parties.

To also thank you for participating and sharing you will be eligible to win :

  1. A free place at an Android Developer Training course at the end of September ( Valued at £625.00)  – Skills Matter are running a training course for developers with a Java background who wish to learn how to program apps for mobiles in Android.
  2. 2 prizes of 50gbp worth of android developer books ( provided by!)
  3. A free founders listing on the Android Developer Directory when it launches in October.


To participate in the survey please follow this link.

About SkillsMatter Android Training in September


  • Understand the workings of the fundamental Android architecture, platform framework and emulator.
  • Know how to setup the development environment and run an application.
  • Know how to use the main components of Android APIs, the building blocks of the Android platform.
  • Know how to externalize and manage resources.
  • How to analyze and design an Android application.
  • How to use location based services for your application.
  • Know how to integrate the Google Maps interface into your application.
  • Know how to run and debug an application.
  • Know how build connection, exception management and security into an Android application.
  • Know how to develop Web Applications/Services.
  • Frequent Q&A sessions also take place during the course

Visit Skillsmatter to find out more

About Android Developer Directory

For clients who are looking to find the right developer for their application, turn to the new Android Developer Directory- launching in October 2009.   Be one of the founding members and get a free listing on the directory, including a gold profile!

( more about ADD  soon!)

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