About the Blog

Androidbloke.co.uk is the UK’s first blog which is 100% dedicated to

  • the Android Mobile platform
  • Android devices
  • Developers that build Android Apps
  • Android Applications
  • anything else to do with the Android Mobile Community

I hope that through this site I can  share my enthusiasm for it , and hopefully to encourage others to start using Android and developing great applications for it.

Any tips, or news or comments to share?

I love to get feedback, news and tips from people and I always write back ( as soon as I get some time!)

Please let me know by sending an email to us on the address below:

speech bubble( heythere(AT)androidbloke.co.uk )

Also I welcome all good spirited comments and debate on all the articles.  I enjoy hearing what other people think about the platform however any spam will usually be deleted prior to publishing.

A little about me

I currently work as the head of delivery for mobile for a large advertising agency based in Shoreditch, London. To date,  I have project managed  over 55 applications for Android, Iphone, Blackberry, Nokia, Ipad and Android Tablets for both large international  brands and smaller local companies. During my time off, I am often seen at mobile events, blogging in a coffee shop, tinkering with my personal android applications, or exploring London and the UK with my family and friends.

Currently residing in London, UK- my background is in IT and web (PHP) development.  Like many of my colleagues as times have moved on, I have progressed into project management where I have had the privilege of managing a wide variety of large projects to successful conclusions and also obtaining my Prince2 Certification and Agile Certification.

You can view my linked in profile here

A Little about the Blog

I set up androidbloke.co.uk in March 2009 because I am really passionate about mobile devices, particularly those with the Android OS on them. Since I bought my first Nokia 2110 and my first Psion handheld,  I have always been hooked on the latest mobile gadgets.  Whether it be windows mobile, Palm, Symbian or even the Iphone and blackberry, I had always felt that there was always something lacking and the only way to change it was to wait.  When Google announced an open source Android Platform in 2007,   I felt that this would be the building block for creating not just my dream mobile phones but mobile devices that would push the portable world and internet forward. When the Tmobile G1 was finally released in 2008, I was near the front of the line of people queuing outside the T-mobile store on that cold rainy morning.

Since then we have seen a multitude of new devices launch, we have seen the first steps in “augmented reality” thanks to G1’s pioneering compass and we have seen a multitude of new carriers announce their intentions to go forward with Android.    I hope that this blog will be a useful source for people to gauge a good idea of the state of Android in the UK, and will allow me to meet other people that share this passion and vision of a mobile future.


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