November 2010

Launch48 Mobile Startup School What is your MVP?

Have a cool mobile idea? Answer me this question?  What is  your  MVP?  I am not talking about “most valuable player” but minimum viable product.   At the moment the cost of developing a mobile app can be quite prohibitive, especially for a small startup.  Through the blog, I am often inundated by people who are looking to have their apps developed, but don’t quite understand the power of MVP.

Launch 48: The Board Meeting

Probably the two most crucial things that any startup needs is focus and direction.  This is why regular board meetings are important to keep track of where the project is at, and most importantly provide some guidance as to the next stage in the companies growth.

Launch 48 Mobile: Under Starters orders

Launch 48  Mobile is finally underway, and the teams are going at full whack to become part of the success of the mobile revolution. Of the 50 budding mobile entrepreneurs brimming with ideas, the question is who would be the few to create the market changing ideas?

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