June 2010

HTC official ETA for Android 2.2 for HTC Desire, Legend and Wildfire

HTC Family 2010 Whilst Google Nexus one owners have been celebrating the release of Android 2.2 to their handsets and all the goodness that it brings other handset owners have been asking me when they can join the party.

I am excited to say we have received official confirmation that HTC will be rolling out Android 2.2 updates to its HTC Desire, HTC Legend and HTC Wildfire handsets by end of Q3 2010.  Here’s the official statement below:

Android 2.2 FroYo launch centre- updated!

UPDATED! Welcome to the Android 2.2 Launch centre. Am excited to say as of 29 June 2010, Android 2.2 has officially started rolling out to Google Nexus One owners. Untitled-1

For full feature lists visit:

Other phones will follow soon, see bottom of post for office confirmations

See below for the original post on Android 2.2 including some nice videos

Speed up your calling with Dialler One

Dialler One is perhaps one of the simplest applications around, however to us Android veterans it is also one of the most useful.

Looking through my list of apps, there are quite a few apps that I use virtually every day, however in the case of Dialler One, this app is so useful that I use virtually every hour!

Bump top desktop treats files as objects in 3d
Android Gingerbread is about UI and maybe 3d?

I am glad to see that the first news about the next version of Android(dubbed “Gingerbread”) is already in the works.  Currently pencilled in for release in Q4 of 2010, many users have been asking just what they can expect to see.Bump top desktop treats files as objects in 3d

Luckily someone at Google has been chatting to Techcrunch and has dropped some juicy hints about what to expect from its Google insiders.

How to backup for HTC Hero 2.1 Update

HTC this morning finally let out the great news that it is  finally bringing the much lauded Android 2.1 (dubbed Eclaire) update to the HTC Hero.  For a full list of features check out our Android 2.1 feature post Here is the announcement in full from...

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Get your Swype tomorrow while you can

For those of you who weren't lucky enough to try out Swype when it was available under beta a few months ago- you are in luck.  From tomorrow morning(16.6.2010 USA time) you will be able to download the revolutionary keyboard for Android for FREE!...

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