August 2009

Samsung Galaxy I7500 launches in UK

Looks like its green lights all round as the Samsung Galaxy has finally launched on O2.  The phone has been repeatedly delayed since it was first mooted back in June 2009.  Despite reports of previous bugs such as poor battery life and handsets restarting, it...

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NewsRob Developer Interview

As of today NewsRob has has over 1,400 reviews and over 20,000 downloads and yet has held steadfastly on to its 4.5 star rating.  All of its success being harvested from the efforts of its lead developer, Mariano Kamp who has worked tirelessly on...

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Orange UK APN and Network Settings

Orange was the third major UK network to release an Android phone under the guise of the awesome HTC Hero- but for those of you who are bringing your other phone across the network here are the steps you need to get it working. Here are...

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