May 2009

Archos to Android its Media Player

We have Android on Mobile phones, digital photo frames, navigation devices, netbooks and now we can look forward to seeing Android on your friendly media player.  Although to call an Archos a media player is about as wholly understated as calling your Lamborghini "a car"-...

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HTC Magic Review Roundup

Now that the HTC is out and the UK public have had a chance to look at it up close and personal, here’s a run down of some of the reviews from the various sites Pcpro HT C Magic Review: 5/6 stars! Pcpro sang the Magic's praises,...

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Android 1.5 Update (Cupcake Release) is rolling out to the UK

Great news everyone – everyone who is on T-mobile will shortly be receiving their brand spanking new update of Android 1.5. Some of the highlights include: (Courtesy of the Google Android Main Site) Highlights Fast, smooth typing with the on-screen virtual keyboard Easy access to favourite apps, contacts, bookmarks,...

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Setting up your android phone using O2

The good news is the G1 works great on O2.  Here are some simple instructions which you just need to go through step by step and you will be working 100% on o2. If you are transferring over from another network make sure to request your...

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G1 Love and Tmobile Haste to be first

[caption id="attachment_16" align="alignright" width="240" caption="My free gift from T-mobile UK"][/caption] This is going to sound odd, but the G1 sucks.. a little.. but then again so did the iphone when it came out. Having a group of talented individuals who know what they want to create...

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