Fantastical Van

An Ace App to take the bore out of chores

We tried out a very 21st century way to sort any problem in your home.  A mobile app from the people at Fantastic services who have built a cracking  home services app.  Could household bliss be a tap away?

Google Cardboard is going to change the world

I wouldn’t be surprised if you missed it, but one of the most revolutionary products that Google has created is set to change the world.  That product is Google Cardboard – here is why.

Help to /*HACK THE CODE*/ with Intel

Intel has created an app that gives all eager developers a chance to jump on board the development process and to prove their coding skills.  Intel is giving developers an chance to take the reins and develop an official Intel app. Dev Story

An Interview with Dennis Publishing

Sally Shepardis head of app development at Dennis Publishing and was part of a panel discussion at Enterprise Apps World from June 17-18 looking at the importance of UX and UI. We caught up with her to find out how apps have affected the world of media.

How essential gaming skills are being used in real life

As the technological world advances all the time, we are seeing huge changes to the way we play and communicate. Smartphones, tablets and wireless internet technology are all helping us to do more while we’re on the go, and this has had a huge effect on the gaming industry.